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This is an in-person event at King’s College London. Obtain your complimentary tickets here

About the workshop:

The theory of marriage in economics seeks to explain the rationale behind the choice to marry and divorce, all the decisions related to the division of labor between spouses, and any other choice related to the raising of children. In the second half of the 20th century theories of marriage, partially introduced earlier by home economics and household economics, were systematized within the economic theory. The systematization was the result of two different economic approaches: the new home economics (NHE), founded by Chicago economist Gary Becker and later developed by his followers; and feminist economics, led by some economists, mainly women, who reacted to the NHE and proposed an alternative model. The theory of marriage is a case study to understand: a. the methodological split between the two economic approaches; b. the relation between gender and power intended in an opposite way by standard economists and feminist economists.


Council Room, Strand Campus, King’s College London

About the Speaker:

Giandomenica Becchio is Professor of history of economic thought, methodology of economics, gender issues and theory of entrepreneurship at the University of Torino (ESOMAS Department), Italy.