Self-Governing Social Orders, Economic Methods and Academic Women: A Roundtable Discussion


In this special roundtable discussion on the Governance Podcast, we sit down with Jennifer Murtazashvili (Pittsburgh), Liya Palagashvili (SUNY Purchase) and Shruti Rajagopalan (Mercatus Center) to discuss their research on self-governing social orders outside the west, the future of economic methodology and the challenges women face in academic science.

Economics and Governance


Economics, Justice and Culture: A Conversation with Herbert Gintis

Has economic theory changed in the last 50 years? How can we incorporate notions of social justice and culture into economic thinking? What does economics teach us about governance? In this episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Herbert Gintis joins Professor Shaun Hargreaves Heap for a conversation about his contributions to key debates in economics since the 1970s.


The Road to Peace and Prosperity: A Conversation with Barry Weingast

What are the paradoxes of economic development? How can we preserve liberal democracy in an era of populism and polarisation? In this episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Barry Weingast of Stanford University joins Professor Mark Pennington of King’s College London for a conversation on the key lessons we’ve learned from the study of political economy.