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Housed in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London, the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (CSGS) examines how both formal and informal rules of governance operate and evolve, and how these rules facilitate or imperil peaceful, prosperous, and ecologically secure societies.

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Nikita Chiu: Peace in Space – A Mere Romantic Concept?

5:30pm, May 29th, 2019
Bush House North East Wing 8.19

Space orbit and radio frequency are essential global commons that necessitate governance through co-operation. Nevertheless, with the introduction of mega satellite constellations by private actors (e.g. OneWeb, SpaceX) and the recent dominance of adversarial narratives in space discussions, it has become exceedingly difficult for the international community to ensure the continuous peaceful and sustainable use of outer space resources. Can peace in space be sustained?


Gary Cox: Patent Disclosure and England’s Industrial Revolution

6:30pm, June 5th, 2019
Bush House (S) Lecture Theatre 2 (4.04)

Did the English patent system help spark the Industrial Revolution? Most scholars addressing this question have focused on whether patents improved the economic incentive to invent. Professor Gary Cox (Stanford) examines whether patents improved access to useful knowledge. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Featured Faculty

Featured Faculty

Carmen Pavel: The Case for An International Rule of Law

“I show that states as means of institutionalized political control are structurally ill equipped to resolve the problem of ‘who guards the guardians,’ and thus international law and institutions can provide additional layers of oversight and control to insure that states remain within the legitimate bounds of their authority.”

Featured Faculty

John Meadowcroft: Modern Threats to Liberal Democracy

“I think the past shows us that when freedom dies, it does so first slowly and then quickly. Slowly in terms of the deterioration of the climate of opinion so that liberty is more and more widely seen as secondary to other values, such as equality, security or nationhood, and then quickly in terms of legislative changes that actually take away people’s freedom…”

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