Giorgio Agamben on Michel Foucault’s “apparatus”

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Michel Foucault in Discipline and Punish quoted some measures from a seventeenth-century French public order dealing with the plague. These …

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Epistemological break in political economy

Pavel Kuchar and Erwin Dekker argue that economists should give up privileging one particular type of knowledge — scientific and general — over all other types of economic knowledge. An economics without the epistemological break has important contributions to make to public discussions about the economy, economic policy, and economics education.

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Autumn Zoom Seminar Series

Please join us this autumn for our Zoom Seminar series featuring Ian Shapiro (Yale), Jeffrey Friedman (Berkeley), James C. Scott (Yale), Melani Cammett (Harvard), Cristina Bicchieri (Penn) and Barak Richman (Duke). Check out the full schedule here and be sure to register. All lectures will be recorded and shared afterward.

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Simon Kaye: Why we must make room for self-governance in a post-pandemic UK

It is easy to reduce the experience of this pandemic to a story about top-level decision-making, interactions on the international stage, and the ballooning of state power. But to do so is to miss the other half of the story. For distancing and self-isolation policies to work, they have had to be enacted and reinforced at the scale of neighbourhoods – or even households.