Matias Petersen: The Ties that Bind Philosophy and Social Science

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"What is a cause and what are the ontological presuppositions for there being such a thing? These are fundamental questions in philosophy. These questions are not empirical per se, but how you answer them can have a tremendous impact on how you go about hunting for causal relationships in the real world..."

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Coronavirus Event Cancellations

We’re sorry to announce that the public lecture by James C. Scott and seminar by Barak Richman due on March 17 and 26 are now canceled following College policy in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Check back on our website and social media for new developments as they arise.

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Adam Tebble: Epistemic Liberalism and Open Borders

“The argument I make in favour of more open borders focuses not upon the interests of immigrants or of the already-resident, but upon those whom migrants leave behind in their countries of origin.  In this sense my argument represents something of a breakthrough, for it seeks to claim the interests of those left behind for those arguing in favour of the more liberal approach.”

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Nick Cowen: Blockchain Distributed Governance

Over the last two decades online services have transformed from a product of a multitude of enterprises to being dominated by a handful of corporate-owned platforms such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon… These platforms play an increasing role governing commercial exchange, as well as civil discussion, with plausibly pernicious implications for liberal democracy. As I propose in a recent paper, blockchains offer a promising solution to this danger by helping to displace corporate ownership in favor of common platforms sustained by users themselves.

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Spring Events

Join us for upcoming events with Jon Elster (Columbia), Mario Rizzo (NYU), Bernardo Zacka (MIT), Sheilagh Ogilvie (Cambridge), Larry Bartels (Vanderbilt), Roger Schoenman (UC Santa Cruz) and Gary Cox (Stanford).

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Carmen Pavel: The Case for An International Rule of Law

“I show that states as means of institutionalized political control are structurally ill equipped to resolve the problem of ‘who guards the guardians,’ and thus international law and institutions can provide additional layers of oversight and control to insure that states remain within the legitimate bounds of their authority.”

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2019 Events

We look forward to seeing you at our 2019 seminars and public lectures on the cutting edge debates in governance. Speakers this year include Jon Elster, Cristina Bicchieri, William Easterly, Elizabeth Anderson, Gary Cox, Larry Bartels, and more. Check out the full schedule below and mark your calendars.

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November and December Seminars

Join us for three upcoming seminars on governance under colonial rule in Africa, the predatory theory of the state, and polycentric public reason. Our guests include Dr. Liya Palagashvili of the State University of New York and NYU, Dr. Ilia Murtazashvili of the University of Pittsburgh, and Dr. Brian Kogelmann of the University of Maryland.

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October Events

Join us this October at King’s College London for an exciting lineup of talks by leading social scientists, including Professors Bart Wilson, Dominic Parker, Barry Weingast and Herbert Gintis.