The Legacy of Adam Smith: A Conversation With Jesse Norman MP


How did Smith's insights into moral sentiments and governance transform the modern world? Do they offer answers to the deepest political challenges of the twenty-first century? Jesse Norman MP sits down with Mark Pennington to discuss his new book on the Governance Podcast.

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Self Governance, Green Politics and Social Justice

Is good governance a choice between markets and states, or is there a third way? How can institutional diversity help us fight climate change or enhance social welfare? Tune in to this conversation with Dr Derek Wall of Goldsmiths College on what we stand to learn from the intellectual legacy of Elinor Ostrom, the first and only woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics.


Lessons on Governance from Afghanistan

Why did state building fail in Afghanistan? What are the root causes of corruption and endemic poor governance? Ilia Murtazashvili from the University of Pittsburgh joins us for a conversation on the lessons Afghanistan teaches us about state predation and potential ways it can be reversed.


Small Wars, Big Data: The Information Revolution in Modern Conflict

Wars don’t look like what they used to. Using a variety of new data sources from modern war zones, Jacob Shapiro of Princeton University offers transformative insights into the nature of 21st century terrorism, civil wars and development aid. Join us for this conversation between Dr Shapiro and Dr Samuel DeCanio of King’s College London on the way we govern warfare.


Economics, Justice and Culture: A Conversation with Herbert Gintis

Has economic theory changed in the last 50 years? How can we incorporate notions of social justice and culture into economic thinking? What does economics teach us about governance? In this episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Herbert Gintis joins Professor Shaun Hargreaves Heap for a conversation about his contributions to key debates in economics since the 1970s.


The Road to Peace and Prosperity: A Conversation with Barry Weingast

What are the paradoxes of economic development? How can we preserve liberal democracy in an era of populism and polarisation? In this episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Barry Weingast of Stanford University joins Professor Mark Pennington of King’s College London for a conversation on the key lessons we’ve learned from the study of political economy.


Governing Wildlife, Oil and Climate

Which governance arrangements best help us manage and preserve natural resources? Markets, states, or something in between? In this episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Dominic Parker of the University of Wisconsin, Madison discusses his latest research on comparative institutions and the commons.


The Meaning of Property

What are the dangers of theory building about property rights in development economics? Are we becoming more ethical in the way we conceptualize property over time? In the latest episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Bart Wilson of Chapman University discusses his book project on the origins and meaning of property.


Bottom Up Climate Governance

In our latest episode of the Governance Podcast, Professor Mark Pennington interviews Professor Frans Berkhout of King’s College London on his latest book about climate governance. Tune in for a rich discussion on the limits of international coordination and how local experimentation can solve global commons dilemmas.