We look forward to seeing you at our 2019 seminars and public lectures on the cutting edge debates in governance. Speakers for this year include Jon Elster, Cristina Bicchieri, William Easterly, Elizabeth Anderson, Gary Cox, Larry Bartels, Mark Bevir, Roger Schoenman, Ernesto Dal Bo, and more. Check out the full schedule below and mark your calendars.

2019 Calendar

February 26: Ernesto Dal Bo (Berkeley)

February 28: Stephen Skowronek (Yale)

March 6: Jon Elster (Columbia)

March 19: Mario Rizzo (NYU)

March 26: Bernardo Zacka (MIT)

May 14: Larry Bartels (Vanderbilt)

May 23: Roger Schoenman (UC Santa Cruz)

June 5: Gary Cox (Stanford)

Fall 2019:

Cristina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania)

Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan)

Bill Easterly (NYU)

Mark Bevir (Berkeley)


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