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This is an in-person only workshop event held at River Room, King’s Building, King’s College London. Please RSVP here by obtaining your complimentary ticket. 

About the talk:

The talk will explore a previously unnoticed similarity in the epistemological bedrock shared by two schools of thought that are frequently put in political opposition – feminist standpoint theory and market liberal epistemology. Both argue that knowledge is fragmented in society and that some of this knowledge cannot easily be shared between agents. As will be argued, their shared epistemological principles have direct consequences for political and economic policy, even though some disagreements remain because of diverging normative pre-commitments. One lesson to draw from this is that market liberals ought to, by their own epistemological lights, be more attentive towards various problems raised by feminist standpoint theorists, and feminist standpoint theorists ought to be more open to various claims made by market liberals.


River Room, King’s Building, Strand Campus.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Raimund Pils currently teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs of the philosophy department at the University of Salzburg, Austria. His research focuses on issues in philosophy of science, epistemology, and political philosophy. He is currently mainly working on analysing the limits of scientific knowledge production concerning the theoretical postulates of our current most successful theories in the natural sciences.