That we live in an era of ‘post truth politics’ has become a widespread mantra since the shock of the Brexit vote and the 2016 election of Donald Trump. But Matt Sleat (University of Sheffield) believes this is a mistake: politics is no more ‘post truth’ now than it has ever been. To understand what has been happening, we need to look elsewhere. Join us on this episode of the Counterintuitive Series on the Governance Podcast.

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The Guest

Dr. Matt Sleat is a Reader in Political Theory at the University of Sheffield.

He works on and has published widely across three main research areas: realist political thought, liberal philosophy and international relations theory. His current research project explores the challenges to truthfulness and its ramifications for contemporary political life. He is author of Liberal Realism: A Realist Theory of Liberal Politics and editor of Politics Recovered: Essays on Realist Political Thought. His work has been published in journals such as Political Theory, Review of International Studies, Review of Politics, Political Studies, European Journal of Political Theory, International Politics, Social Philosophy & Practice, International Political Theory and Social Theory & Practice.

He has held visiting fellowships at the Australia National University, Queen Mary University of London, Kings College London and the University of Oxford.

From 2014-17 he was editor of the European Journal of Political Theory, and since 2017 has been editor of Political Studies with Andrew Hindmoor, Hayley Stevenson and Charles Pattie.