About the lecture

This lecture explores the implications of uncertainty through the lens of financial market behaviour. Asset prices exhibit “fat tails”. Large price movements are relatively frequent, making it difficult to assess risk using traditional metrics. It also degrades the signals asset prices provide about future performance. This matters for maintaining financial stability and, by extension, for macroeconomic performance as recoveries from downturns emanating from financial shocks are known to be weak.

The lecture explores the implications of these insights for financial regulation, monetary frameworks, and fiscal policy, as well as discussing the financial risks associated with the current conjuncture.

About the Speaker

A graduate of Cambridge University and Stanford University, Dr. Tamim Bayoumi is a former Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund, an institution he has been affiliated with for 32 years. Additionally, he was a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He is also the author of multiple books, including Unfinished Business: The Unexplored Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Lessons Yet to be Learned.

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