Welcome to the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (CSGS) at the Department of Political Economy! We are thrilled to extend this invitation to engage with our scholarship through our new website, events and upcoming podcast series. In the coming years, we look forward to making this Centre a home to vibrant debate, scholarship and public engagement regarding crucial dilemmas of governance around the world.

The Centre aims to bring together research from across the world in order to better understand how formal and informal rules of governance operate and evolve, and how these rules facilitate or imperil peaceful, prosperous and ecologically secure societies. Our scope of inquiry extends across the spectrum of philosophy, politics and economics, including both empirical and normative scholarship on the nature and performance of different forms of governance.

We invite you to explore our latest research by visiting our new blog, where Dr Paul Sagar explores the legacy of Hobbes, Hume and Smith on state craftsmanship, Dr Anja Shortland reflects on the dark side of the market for governance, and Dr John Meadowcroft discusses modern day threats to liberal democracy, among other insightful contributions.

The Centre will also host regular research seminars, book events and public lectures throughout the academic year. Our spring 2018 seminar line-up includes Dr Derek Wall (Goldsmiths) Professor Gillian Hadfield (University of Southern California), and Dr Sara Lowes (Bocconi University). Over the following academic term, we are also excited to host Professor Barry Weingast (Stanford University) and Professor James C. Scott (Yale University), who will be sharing their latest work with the King’s research community and student body. We also will have a panel discussion of the new book by Stephen Skowronek (Yale University) and Karen Orren (UCLA), The Policy State (Harvard University Press, 2017).

We intend to make CSGS a community in which innovative ideas on governance are developed, challenged and shared with the public. You can join the conversation and receive our latest news, events and publications by signing up for our quarterly newsletter and following us on facebook and twitter.

We look forward to sharing our work with you and hope to meet you at our future events!

Warm wishes,

Mark Pennington
Director, Centre for the Study of Governance and Society
Head of the Department of Political Economy
King’s College London

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