Epistemological break in political economy

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Pavel Kuchar and Erwin Dekker argue that economists should give up privileging one particular type of knowledge — scientific and general — over all other types of economic knowledge. An economics without the epistemological break has important contributions to make to public discussions about the economy, economic policy, and economics education.

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John Meadowcroft: Modern Threats to Liberal Democracy

“I think the past shows us that when freedom dies, it does so first slowly and then quickly. Slowly in terms of the deterioration of the climate of opinion so that liberty is more and more widely seen as secondary to other values, such as equality, security or nationhood, and then quickly in terms of legislative changes that actually take away people’s freedom…”

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Welcome to CSGS

Welcome to the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (CSGS) at the Department of Political Economy! We are thrilled to extend this invitation to engage with our scholarship through our new website, events and upcoming podcast series…

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Anja Shortland: Governance Under the Radar of the State

“Good governance is a very odd concept in some of the markets I am looking at. Private governance in the market for hostages is “good” if live hostages are returned safely for the minimum ransom the kidnappers will settle for. But it still means that criminals or terrorists get a payment, which is unlikely to go to charity…”